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Chasing Our Dreams

What We Focus on

Our journey

Gagale was founded on a dream of creating a global game company. We started our journey in 2014 with the vision of planting seeds for the future.

Our goal is to gather people with high capabilities, strong values and a will to shape Gagale's story.

As the first step of realizing our big dreams, we chose mobile gaming as our first and main area of focus. Playing games is one of the few truly universal activities that transcends age, gender or nationality and we believe that with the right product, we could reach billions of people worldwide.

  • Disruption

    We launched our first game titles Game of King in 2016. It grows sharply in the next few years.

    Now we have 4 games on-line in global market. It's just the start of our journey.

  • Growth

    We always place progress, learning and becoming a better team at the heart of our decision making.

Ready to join us?

The Blood Throne is a free mobile real-time strategy and simulation medieval

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